‘TheCritique’ was originally a small British website-with-forum that was set up in 2004 for analysis and discussion of current affairs. The initial roll-call of membership was a handful of final year school-goers in Warwickshire, at the head of which was Will Cole, who went by the username of ‘TheCritique’, hence the name of the site and forum he put together. The site was primarily a store for people to submit articles on the current political scene to, and the forum was the ‘debating chamber’.

The forum is now dead – you can still access it from the ‘Links’ section below-right but there is never any activity on it these days – and this blog is all that remains up-and-running. One of the past forum-regulars, Martin Odoni, simply uses it as an archive for articles and reviews he has written over the last ten years or so.

There is a full(-ish) list of available articles from the ‘Full Index’ link above.

Please note that this blog has no links to the ‘The Critique Media Project‘.