Religion: A Tool Of The State

July 31, 2006

by Ruzl ‘Naselus’ Odoni

Originally published February 2005

The main reason I think religion is incorrect is because it was originally designed as a tool of the state, as opposed to a crutch for the people. The initial religions, dating from around 40,000 years ago, were essentially designed around the idea of semi-divine God-Emperors, rulers who reaper the rewards of their people’s work, and in order to protect them from the wrath of their followers their priestly classes developed the idea that these kings were actually Gods. Hence, religion was originally designed around the concept of social order.

Later, it became impractical to hold to this. The God-Emperors could not control the fate of their people, and they could not ensure the success of the harvest. It became more useful to have a devine figure who could never be held to account for ‘his’ actions. Here, religion moved away from being the tool of the ‘God’, and thus the king loses a great deal of power to the priesthood. It’s never been properly taken back.

At this point, suddenly there are lots of Gods. Polythiesiem becomes commonplace, and anything that cannot be explained is given its own God. Volcanoes? They’re angry Gods. Earthquake? You have angered the Gods beneath the ground.

Now, why this moved on to monothesiastical religion is not completely clear. It was probably due to the internal power struggles between the priests of various Gods, and so a single, all-powerful being had to be designed. He was responsible for everything that was not understood, he must have made the world because, well, who else did? Humans make things. Therefore, they assume that anything that exists has been deliberately designed and made. Who did it? God!

The priesthood consolidates. With monotheseim, divine bickering was impossible, and so the church forms a single voice (It might be worth noting here that what non-biblical evidence we have of Jesus suggests he was very firmly anti-religion, as does some of the Bible itself, so possibly he was standing against this, and would probably be disgusted by the Church Peter spawned in his name). This is the common ancestor of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Freed from its restrictions as a tool, religion quickly begins to act as a state in its own right. It acts independently, collects its own tithes, and is no longer restricted to remaining with a single ‘host’ nation. It is, therefore, vital to indoctrinate as early as possible. The religions go to it with gusto.

Now, we can find out what causes things, so religion switches it’s defence. As opposed to claiming God is proof for events, God himself is the event that must be proven. The Church turns and demands proof of his non-existence, which is naturally impossible (by definition, you cannot conclusively prove that anything doesn’t exist. Not existing doesn’t leave proof. It’s just a silly argument.). Hence, religion defends itself against a rising tide of disbelief. The population can, for the most part, afford to live comfortable lives, and no longer really need the ‘carrot on a stick’ of heaven to prevent the uprising. The ranks of acts previously laid at God’s door shrink away as Science provides new answers.

Blind Faith is all God has left.

Disclaimer: I’ve not been alive for 40,000 years, so this is, admittedly, mainly theory and deduction, with archaeological remains providing the early part of the story. However, I have studied Theology, Sociology and Philosophy extensively, and these are my conclusions.


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