Advertising on television

August 3, 2006

I would like to use this opportunity to express DOUBLE EVICTION EVENT ON BB THIS SUNDAY my extreme objection to the amount of insipid advertising that has rendered watching television NEW DESPARATE HOUSEWIVES MONDAY 8PM an exercise in frustration.  There is very rarely something I’ll want to watch on TV, but as DANCING WITH THE STARS SEMI-FINALS TUESDAY 7PM!!!! my downloads are capped at a measly 60Gb per month, I will endure A CURRENT AFFAIR: HOW THE BANKS ARE RUINING PEOPLE’S LIVES WITH EASY CREDIT the popovers, popunders, and 15 mins of commercial break in a 53-minute show on the odd occasion.  I’m usually left frothing at the mouth by the end of it. 

Otherwise, is it any DEAL OR NO DEAL MEGA JACKPOT EDITION wonder that I (and many others) will turn to REDUCE YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL – TODAY TONIGHT WILL SHOW YOU HOW the internet for our programming? 


One Response to “Advertising on television”

  1. hstorm Says:

    Insipid advertising? What do you mean insipid advertising? I’ve never noticed anything of the sort anywhere in the media, or on the Internet.

    This retort was brought to you in association with Rent-A-Moral-Whore Soul-Selling Promotions Limited; our motto is, “We wouldn’t advertise anything for money. We’d advertise anything for a *very great deal of money*.”

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