A small victory in TWATT (The War Against Terrible Television)

August 8, 2006

Of a night, I can often be found waxing profane at the idiot box in the corner. Effing this and effing that and blinding the other; what depths of inanity can the commercial networks sink to, etc. This week, however, my friends, we won a small victory – triumphant in the battle of good programming over shite that earns advertising dollars.

And the networks did hoist themselves by their own petard – RATINGS. Yasmin’s Getting Married started, and ended within one week. The premise? A mentally disturbed late 20s woman would get married within 9 weeks of the show starting, and the viewing public would choose from a variety of suitors.

Only, no one cared to watch. That’s right, ratings were so low that within ONE WEEK the show was pulled from the airwaves, to be replaced by the righteous hilarity and bastion of wit that is the new season of Futurama. Thank heaven for small mercies.


One Response to “A small victory in TWATT (The War Against Terrible Television)”

  1. hstorm Says:

    ITV had a similar experience with a new Reality TV show recently, one that only just survived beyond its first commercial break. It was so obscure that I can’t even remember what it was called, and I only noticed it when the newspapers made a big song-and-dance about it failing.

    Suits me. Reality TV is utter cr*p. My brain just switches off the moment one of them starts up.

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