Israel being total bastard to Palestine, too

August 8, 2006

While most of the world are aware of the conflict in Lebanon, where Israel’s strong-arm tactics have killed over 900 people, mainly civilians, while failing to make any real impact on Hezbollah at all, the latest brutality in the Gaza strip seems to have been passed over somewhat.

Israel has completely locked down the Gaza strip, allowing just enough food and water to trickle in to avoid international outcry. Numerous Hamas-affiliated politicians have been arrested, and civilian casualties are rising as Israel continues it’s ‘shoot now, shoot again later, shoot some more, try and work out who the bad guys were once everyone’s dead’ policy.

To give you an example of that policy in action, on Friday night Israel carried out three airstrikes in the Gaza strip, which I’m sure we all remember is the forth most densely populated area in the world. Do you know what the target was?

Three individual gunmen.

Surely, in logistic terms alone, even before we move onto the sheer cold-blooded inhumanity of it all, air strikes are not really supposed to be used against individual enemy soldiers? Surely the cost of the kerosene used to power the jets costs too much to send them out to kill one man at a time? Surely it’d be more cost effective to use, you know, a bullet, say, than an AGM-65 Maverick Air-to-surface missile bombardment?

Perhaps I’m just not seeing something here. Did Iran give Hamas a load of futuristic power armour or something?

This has, of course, generally been received as unexciting old-hat news by the mainstream western media, who find the prospect of out-and-out war in Lebanon far more interesting. Big suprise.


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