US minimum wage fails to rise again

August 8, 2006

In a shock move last week, the Democrats refused to ratify a minimum wage rise to $7.25 an hour (about four-and-a-half quid, for those of us over the pond.)

While the Democrats usually push for a (mildly) fairer playing field, they would not be drawn into the paltry increase as it was, inevitably, tied into a bill with another sodding tax cut for the rich. Despite the obvious backlash of spin that the media will now hurl at them, the Democrats stood firm to their principals and held out, protesting the idea that a $2 pay rise for the poor must be attached to a 5% tax cut for the wealthy.

Incidently, the USA minimum wage, which has remained at $5.15 since 1997, is precisely $1.35 more than George Bush earns in a second. Go figure.

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