Democon Lieberman loses Primary

August 9, 2006

Right-wing democrat Joe Lieberman, a supporter of the Iraq war and Al Gore’s running mate in the 2000 elections, has been defeated in the Connecticut Senator Primaries by relative unknown Ned Lamont.

Lieberman, who could just as easily be a lefty-Republican, has decided to stand as an independent candidate, while paradoxically speaking out against Partizan politics and disunity. For those of you as confused as I am about how running off and starting your own party promotes unity, he seems to regard disunity and partisan politics as only being bad things in relation to the Iraq War.

Iraq seems to be the issue of the day in the USA now, with the pro-war candidates likely to suffer serious setbacks in their campaigns. Lieberman’s defeat comes as Senate popularity has dropped to a mere 53%; the same painful low as it was during the Republican Revolution of 1993.

This shows that the American people are no longer happy for Democrats simply to stand by as Bush pours men, money and madness into the Middle East. They want something done, and they want some form of effective opposition. Lieberman’s stance as the pro-Rep-pro-war candidate allowed inexperienced cable magnate Lamont to gather a 4-point majority, and could herald trouble ahead for the violently Neocon administration.


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