Israeli-Venezuelan row grows

August 9, 2006

Following the withdrawl of diplomats from both countries, the spat between Israel and Venezuela has grown further today.

Lovable Hugo Chavez has announced that he is considering severing all diplomatic ties with Israel over the Lebanese crisis, which he has openly declared to be ‘genocide’, and compares to the holocaust. Both countries pulled their envoys out over the last week.

Chavez has also voiced support for psycho-theocracy Iran, and has drawn his country closer to a great many other anti-USA nations. This is in response to the USA’s hardline stance on Mr. Chavez’s leftist leanings, and has gained him powerful friends, including Russia.

Naturally, the Venezuelan administration’s stance of opposition to Israel has been labelled anti-semitic by Jewish groups, but Chavez has shown no signs of disagreeing with anything other than Israeli military policy. As usual, the label ‘anti-semitism’ is being used to blacken the name of anyone who dares to suggest Israel’s actions aren’t perfectly acceptable under any circumstances.

I was remarkably suprised the other day when I was on a certain Neocon forum based in the Southern US, when I was accused of anti-semitism myself for suggesting that airstrikes aren’t an acceptable method of kiling individual enemy troops. As my own mother is Jewish, and so therefore I technically am, I found no logic in the accusation. Anti-semitism is not, in any way, means, shape or form, linked to Israel; no more than anti-papist feeling is linked to Italy, or anti-Islam is a direct attack on Iran. If Israeli policy is to slaughter 1,000 civilians because they can’t be bothered selecting their targets properly, that’s not part of the Torah. It’s not a Jewish teaching, it’s one state’s decision on how to respond to another. And, frankly, I also think it’s wrong. But in saying that, I have said nothing about Judaism as a faith, as a race, or indeed as anything else.

Of course, the Neocons of the USA have some trouble understanding the separation of Church and State, as laid down in their own consitution, and so can’t see the difference between criticising Israel and criticising the faith of the majority of the population. This is, I’m afraid to say, because they are idiots, and they are not welcome here in the Nas Of The World blog.

So anyway, to get back to the point, Venezuela has moved itself staunchly into the pro-Arab camp in the Lebanese situation, and looks to be winding up the USA even further.


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