Calamitous Coffee Capers

August 11, 2006

A short rant, in the key of soy.

You know the sense of injustice of when you’re a kid and you drop your ice-cream? I felt that and the accompanying momentary anger at the universe today. Coffee time. 11am, Friday – one of my favourite times of the week. I skipped merrily across the road to the cafe and got my coffee this morning. It was free, as is every 8th coffee from there. Awesome.

It was a crisp morning, my workload was under control and the weekend was mere hours away. I could scarcely have been in a better mood. Until I entered my building, that is.

My sleeve caught in the damn door handle bringing me to an abrupt halt. My coffee cup kept moving though. I could do naught but watch helplessly as it traced a graceful arc through the air, the lid flying off like a shuttle undocking from the latte space station.

The sloping, tiled floor was soon awash with my delicious beverage. I picked up the cup and stared dejectedly at the cardboard bottom. What a fecking downer, and waste of precious caffiene.

Ah well, I got a mop from the cleaning cupboard, sorted the floor out and got another coffee. I made very sure to open the door slowly and carefully upon my return.


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