Labour MP blames diabetes on inbreeding

August 11, 2006

Labour MP Ian Gibson has apologised to the people of Norfolk for claiming the high rate of diabetes there is because of inbreeding.

Norfolk’s got the highest rate of diabetes in the entirety of the UK, at more than twice the national average, and Mr. Gibson vaguely happened to voice the merest mention of a possiblity that it was perhaps because maybe in the past there was a chance that it could be considered plausible that everyone there was, well, shagging their own sister.

The backlash from the population was, naturally, enormous. The merest suggestion that Norfolk only has one surname with various spellings is enough to make the (possibly over-sensitive) population of the country scream with a feverous hatred, and has led to a grovelling apology from the former science lecturer.

“Inbreeding and Outbreeding are professional scientific terms, but obviously to the general population they have a different connotation”, he declared. So his apology basically amounts to saying, “I still think you’re all inbred. I just don’t think you know what it means.”

So to you, Ian Gibson, I would lke to extend the scientific terms, “You are an autofellating copraphage.”


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