BA flight aborted after mobile phone rings – world gone mad, official.

August 14, 2006

The hysteria surrounding airline security reached some new heights today (Monday), as someone’s mobile rang on a BA flight from the UK to America and the airline saw fit to retun to where they left for “safety” after no one claimed ownership of the phone. Read more in this article from ninemsn.

You couldn’t make it up. I’ll tell you why nobody admitted to owning it, it’s perfectly simple: The owner feared that they would be arrested and detained as a terrorist!

Now, of course that would be an overreaction, but does it seem that unlikely, considering that they diverted the bloody flight?

I would like to make a statement on behalf of the Department for the Bloody Obvious, but if the mobile was attached to any kind of bomb then it would have gone off when the phone rang!

They’ll probably ban phones altogether next, or we’ll have to hand them in to the flight attendants before flying, and get them back at the end like chav teenagers texting each other in class. Where will this hysteria end? In a sane world, here’s how this would have played out.

1. Phone rings

2. Owner turns phone off

End of effing story, people.

Have you recently encountered any similar idiocy? Had any banned items confiscated? Come and join the forums and tell us about it.

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