Africans receiving AIDS treatment, UN pats self on back

August 16, 2006

The World Health Organisation has announced that over one million Africans are now getting the medication they need to help combat AIDS.

This marks a milestone of 24% of all the people worldwide in need of treament now receiving it. However, the delightfully-namd AIDS-director of WHO, Kevin De Cock (no, really), has insisted that more must be done, especially by the developed world.

UN special AIDS envoy, Steven Lewis, has come forward and slammed the Bush Administration’s feeble attempts to fight AIDS in Africa, as the 15 billion dollar plan focused heavily on the promotion of abstinence rather than treatment itself. And as well he might. Bush’s ‘Emergency Action plan’ to tackle the epidemic has really only taken the form of more blasted US missionaries going out and preaching gospel in exchange for medicine.


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