Paraguayan bastard dies unmourned in Brazil

August 16, 2006

Ex-paraguayan dictator and US-chum General Alfredo Stroessner died of pneumonia on Wednesday, following a hernia operation.

Stroessner, the old bastard, was a staunch anti-commie and thus could do no wrong in the eyes of the ‘free’ world. Hence his numerous human rights abuses, corruption, open cronyism, and general right-wing dictatorshipping were considered a-ok for 35 years. He was eventually ousted in 1989, and fled to Brazil, where he hung around like a bad smell since.

Amongst he numerous friends was Augusto Pinochet, and he was a great ally of the Apartheid regime. Paraguay, unsuprisingly, has failed completely to declare a day of mourning. Ding, dong, the witch is dead…


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