Israeli action in blatant disregard for ceasefire

August 19, 2006

For Christ sake.

Israeli commandoes launched a late-night raid deep into Lebanon last night, in what Lebanese officials have referred to as a ‘naked violation of the cessation of hostilities’. The Israeli government claims that the raid was an attempt to disrupt a weapons transfer, and since Hezbollah’s not supposed to be receiving any weapons they reckon this whole thing can be blamed on the Lebanese militants.

However, most sources within the Lebanese village of Bodai, the site of the attack, believe the move was a kidnapping attempt aimed at a senior Hezbollah figure living in the area. Lebanon i, of course, absolutely furious, and has threatened to cease troop deployment in the south of the country.

This is just another example of Israel’s total lack of respect for the international community. As ever, they’ve completely ignored any attempt to reign them in, to the point of risking the whole ceasefire process. That the raid was unsuccessful, and resulted in Israeli casualties, speaks of incompetence in addition to the dishonesty.

While the Arab nations had every right to be angry about the creation of Israel, they almost certainly would have been able to get over it in the end, but for Israel’s treatment of both her neighbours and those arabs living within her borders. When South Africa practiced Apartheid, the world imposed sanctions. When Israel does it, we give them nuclear weapons. Go figure.


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