Commuter cruises into city loop – chaos, comedic commentary commences

August 25, 2006

From this Article in The Age this morning.  Apparently, some guy walked into the city loop railway tunnel in my home city this morning, about 90 minutes before my train got in.  I didn’t experience any delays or anything, in fact I got in a minute or so earlier than normal, woo!

Anyway, this is the today’s topic on The Age’s Your Say section (see links on the right), and I’m just annoyed that some people are talking about terrorism in relation to this incident.  It always has been, and remains ridiculously easy to commit a terrorist act on the transport network.  That’s not what this guy did; he is probably just some nutter taking a walk, or a disgruntled commuter seeing if he can get round faster than the trains. 

 If someone wants to blow up the tunnel, they will.  And I will bet you $100 that they will be less obvious about it than wandering off the platform into the tunnel in full view of commuters and the CCTV network.

We’re not all about to die.  Chill out, people.

 I wrote a haiku about it

Someone in the loop

Crazy man with big bomb? No

Just Connex, too slow.


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