A Day in the Life

September 15, 2006

Earlier today, someone on Your Say said they wondered how I spent an average day.  Obviously, since I raised some questions about 9/11, I’m a paranoid moonbat.  I know many of you wonder how I spend my time, so here is a day in the life of Modeski:

6.30am – Wake up, remove tinfoil hat
6.32am – Check bathroom for bugs/cameras
6.35am – Shower
6.40am – Have my weetbix
6.45am – Do a sweep of the entire house and perimeter for government spies and/or bugs
7.30am – Check voicemail left from my “team” who constantly monitor Your Say
8.00am – Check night’s server logs, security camera footage and recorded radio transmissions
9.00am – Blog
11.45am – Don my tinfoil hat and take a stroll around the neighbourhood, looking for suspicious vehicles
12.30pm – Lunch.  Sandwiches  – wrapped in tinfoil, naturally
1.00pm – Spend a good four or five hours constant blogging (If I type below 55wpm the computer will blow up)
6.00pm – Dinner with my good lady wife, who may or may not work for ASIO
7.00pm – Check in with Your Say monitors
7.45pm – Another perimeter sweep
8.15pm – Calibrate motion sensors, security cameras, trip-wires, electric fence and other security measures
9.00pm – Blog
11.45pm – Don my tinfoil hat, go to sleep and dream of black helicopters and UFOs.

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