Season 28 Episode 2 – Tooth And Claw by Russell T Davies

May 8, 2008

review by Martin Odoni

Not much to say about this one. I’m afraid I was disappointed on first viewing it, and bored to tears on all subsequent attempts to sit through it. I thought it was just a Hammer Horror with a time machine, and my attention kept drifting as the story ploughed from cliche to cliche. The attempt at the end to ‘startle’ the audience by making the Queen seem callous and ruthless with her saviours left me feeling distinctly underwhelmed, and while the possible explanation for how the Royals have developed haemophilia was amusing, it wasn’t really worth a full forty-five minutes just for that. And the constant attempts by Rose to get the Queen to say, “We are not amused” were just galling.

On the plus side, it must have been fun for David Tennant to be allowed to show off his real voice, while the acting remained of a high standard – Pauline Collins was excellent as Queen Victoria and DT continued to prove he’s a natural for the role – but I just think the cast deserved better than this script. 5/10.

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