Season 29 Episode 6 – The Lazarus Experiment, by Stephen Greenhorn

May 11, 2008

review by Martin Odoni.

I really should hate this episode with a passion. It has every lazy sci-fi cliche known to man in it; a hunt for eternal youth, a mad scientist who turns himself into a monster etc. It has plenty of soap opera cliches in it as well; a dysfunctional big city family, a devoted woman scorned and cast aside by the man she loves once he’s achieved his life’s ambition, and so on.

But surprisingly, I don’t hate it. Maybe it’s just the well-worked gloom of the visuals, and the funereal atmosphere. Or perhaps it’s the return of DT to a pleasingly toned-down performance. Maybe it’s because Martha again gets to show us what we were missing while putting up with post-sell-by date Rose. I can’t say. But the episode rather succeeds in spite of itself. It’s still not one I plan to rewatch every week for the rest of my days, but it’s not too bad, and seeing that, after a promising start, season 3 is really teetering on the brink of coming off the rails completely, just being able to say that an episode isn’t too bad is something of a relief. 6/10.


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