Another brick in our wall of truth.

May 27, 2013

The matter of the famous missing CCTV tapes from Hillsborough has been rather skated over since the Independent Panel’s Report was published.

Hillsborough the Tragedy and the Lies.

It is fairly well known that two video cassette tapes with footage from the CCTV cameras at Hillsborough went missing from the stadium’s security control room, at some point on the evening of the 15th April or in the morning of Sunday the 16th

Details of this can be found on the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s website at

These papers show that:

The tapes were in a locked cupboard.

The cupboard was in a room that was locked

The room was alarmed, and the alarm had been set

There was no sign of any forced entry to either the room or the cupboard

It has all the hallmarks of being an ‘inside job.’

Reading other documents disclosed to the Hillsborough Independent Panel relating to this, it seems likely that the specific tapes that were stolen may not have provided any significant additional evidence to what was obtained from other sources. …

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