A Courageous Parliament and the Curbs of Freedom of Speech

September 2, 2013

Think Left

Richard Bowyer

Now that backbenchers have shown that they aren’t afraid to flex their muscles when they disagree with their leaders, let’s hope that they have the courage to throw out the disgraceful, Orwellian “Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill” that is due to receive its second reading in the House of Commons tomorrow. My worry is that rebel Tories and LibDems may think that they should use the vote to demonstrate that they actually are loyal to their front benches after all, but this is an issue that is very significant indeed – almost as important as Thursday’s vote.

Huge impact on us all

Unions, community groups, charities and campaigning organisations would all be hit. On the big issues of the day –

  • job cuts,
  • whether or not to go to war,
  • the future of our NHS,
  • welfare,
  • privatisation,
  • attacks on our terms and conditions

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