I’m not sure I’d go quite so far as the closing paragraph suggests, in that it implies that Britain historically has been unusually oppressive, which is a bit over-the-top on the opposite extreme – let’s not forget that homophobia and racism have been a historical fact-of-life in many countries dating back many centuries. (The British Empire is nothing for the people of the UK to be proud of, but the fact that it was a larger oppression than those that occurred under other regimes was more a reflection of the British being ‘better’ at infiltration and conquest than rival Empires.)

But the broad gist of this essay is quite correct; Britain has never been remotely the epitome of freedom that it has proudly boasted itself to be since the 17th Century, and when David Cameron bleats on about ‘British values’, he’s behaving like a US Republican. “If you’re not unquestioningly proud of your country and everything it does, you must hate it and are a traitor.” Cameron is using a very primitive form of shout-down for his critics, in other words.