Iain Duncan Smith: High immigration caused by Brits not taking jobs

August 11, 2014

The claim isn’t true of course, but the speech wasn’t just typically dishonest, it was also typically stupid – a massive own goal. It was an inadvertent admission that disproved at a stroke Inept Drunken-Shit’s claims over the last few years that his benefits reforms are getting people off the dole and into work. Because for this claim of his to make any sense, he has to accept that people on benefits *aren’t* moving into work.


The Independent reports that Iain Duncan Smith is due to make a speech today in which he will claim that immigration to the UK is high because social security claimants are refusing to take jobs in order to remain on benefits. It quotes from his speech:

“Businesses needed the labour and because of the way our benefit system was constructed, too few of the economically inactive took the jobs on offer.”

So as well as being responsible for the deficit and the national debt, out of work claimants are now to blame for immigration as well!

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