Osborne’s 80/20 in NO way means ‘we’re all in it together’

December 4, 2014

“We’re all in it together,” says George Osborne (again). What he doesn’t mention is that “it” is in fact a *pair* of boats, and only the one with poor people in it is being allowed to sink.


Among the many deceptions, prevarications, misdirections and outright lies in today’s ‘Autumn Statement’ by Tory Chancellor George Osborne, one in particular stood out for me, because it revived one of this government’s earliest and most ludicrous claims – that “we’re all in it together”.

Here’s what Osborne claimed:

..the decisions across this Parliament mean the rich are making the biggest contribution to deficit reduction.

In fact, the net contribution of the richest 20% will be larger than the remaining 80% put together – proving we are all in this together.

In fact, as with most of what Osborne tried to make of the sow’s ear of his government’s policies, results and philosophy, this statement is hogwash.

Osborne’s claim is that the richest 20% of the population are paying more than 50% of the total tax revenue – but it can only be just over 50%, or else he would…

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