The low levels that Ashton Jobcentre will go to to sanction people.

December 16, 2014

There is no trick, no matter how dirty or illegal, that the current DWP will not stoop to, to cut off people’s benefits.
This woman is pregnant, and the Job Centre in Ashton sanctioned her for *telling* her Workfare employer. (She didn’t in fact. They noticed she was pregnant, and so put her on light duties, that was all. It is quite intolerable enough that B&Q uses the Workfare scheme at all, but at least the company has just enough morality to know not to make a pregnant woman move heavy goods around.)
Actively keeping it a secret would have contravened every moral, ethical, and even legal consideration anyway, including Health & Safety laws. But the fact that the employer became aware of it is nevertheless being treated as ‘punishable’.
There can be no possible defence of this conduct by the Job Centre in Ashton.

The poor side of life


23 week pregnant woman sanctioned.

The above woman (wearing costume so the Jobcentre staff don’t recognise her) was sanctioned when 23 weeks pregnant. The reason you may ask…. for attending a work fare interview (work for nothing) at B&Q.

Whilst at the interview they noticed that she was pregnant and they said yep we will put you on light duties…. The jobcentre decided otherwise… in their words “we are sanctioning you because you told them that you were pregnant”.

So in other words she was meant to break all health and safety laws in the uk and not declare that she was pregnant. How on earth can this be right? It isn’t. She was heartbroken. She had walked a few miles to this workfare interview and she saw it as her last hope of not being sanctioned.

Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre knowingly target pregnant women. On one of our demonstrations…

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