A Ukip Supporter’s Letter To The Daily Express

December 22, 2014

If you don’t believe in facts, vote UKIP.

A New Place Of Exile

Dear Sirs,

I write to commend this newspaper for its bold reporting on the UK Independence Party. Of all publications, it is the only one to have the courage of its editor’s convictions.

I am a simple man, as those who know me often remark; with no pretensions to understanding these things. However, I can only applaud. Despite being a traditional sort of fellow, I can see that we need a new, trouser-hoisting politics; with true hair-on-the-chest politicians. I believe the country has found this in Nigel Farage.

Not a moment too soon, I might add. England is no longer the same country that my parents grew up in. Admittedly, they were born and largely raised in Belfast; but this is hardly the point. Things have changed beyond recognition. It’s not in my nature to be judgmental (I’ve rubbed up against all sorts), but political correctness has taken leave of…

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