My Whippersnapper-style Profile

January 2, 2015

by Martin Odoni

(Please see the new Whippersnapper blog to get on the wavelength.)

Political views: 

Party: Veering between Green and the Socialist Party.

Views on key issues:

EU: Stay in – but fight hard for reform of various institutions
Immigration: Not terribly bothered; we only make such a huge fuss about it through half-conscious xenophobia anyway
Death penalty: Oppose
Nuclear energy: Support
Fracking: Oppose
Trident: Totally oppose – absolutely useless program, just a form of jingoistic willy-waving
Nationalising of railways: Support
Economic approach: Keynesian/MMT
English Votes for English Laws (EVEL): Support, but with no great urgency
Abolition of/making House of Lords elected: Make it elected; we do need an Upper House of some description
Devolution to Regional Assemblies & Parliaments: Support
Monarchy: Get rid
Unionism: If you mean Trade Unionism – support. If you mean keeping the UK together, on the fence
Legalisation of marijuana: Support
Privatisation of NHS: Totally oppose
Grammar/private schools: Oppose
Tuition fees: Get rid
Licence-fee funded BBC: Support… somewhat
HS2: Support
State counter-terrorism surveillance: Some parts of it need removing
Edward Snowden/Julian Assange: Like and admire Snowden. Respect Assange’s work, but not sure I exactly like him


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