Iain Duncan Smith: Surely He Can Be Prosecuted By Now

March 29, 2015

by Martin Odoni

Everyone’s favourite purveyor of reality-independent fiction, Iain Duncan Smith, Work & Pensions Secretary, was today on The Andrew Marr Conservative Party Propaganda Echo Chamber… er, I mean, The Andrew Marr Show. Characteristically, IDS simply went and declared an outright reversal of the plainest facts, when just moments into the interview, he announced, “homelessness has not risen”.

Now it is thoroughly typical of BBC News programmes that Marr made the exceptionally-rigorous attempt to cross-examine this assertion by responding, “Okay.”


But this is not so much an analysis of the BBC habitually reporting Conservative Party falsehoods as facts, so we’ll let Marr get away with it for now. Instead, let us analyse the suggestion that homelessness has not risen during the current Government. I have no doubt that most people were scratching their chins and muttering, “Oh-sure-Jimmy-Hill…” as soon as they heard it anyway, so it possibly isn’t that big a deal that Marr didn’t bother to fact-check in this instance.

But it’s still worth studying the actual details, if only to appreciate the sheer degree of barefaced dishonesty IDS is routinely capable of. Most recent stats from the Government’s own figures show that, not only has homelessness risen since the Coalition Government got into power, it has surged. Approximately 53,250 families were accepted as homeless just last year, over eleven thousand more than in 2010. Crisis has concluded that the number of homeless people in England is up by roughly six per cent on the last year, indicating that new homeless cases are clearly happening far more rapidly than already-homeless people finding a place to live. And as the Johnny Void blog has pointed out only in the last month, the number of people now sleeping rough is greater than at any time since records began.

IDS should be prosecuted. What he has done since taking over the DWP has literally killed and dispossessed tens of thousands of people, but his repeated lies to the nation whenever he is confronted about the holocaust he has inflicted on his own country would be classed as Perjury in a Court-of-Law. If it can be proven that he is lying – and it can – it should still be possible to prosecute him for it; I have never understood why lies with terrible consequences should not be indictable just because they are told outside a Court instead. Given people can be prosecuted in some parts of the world for denying The Holocaust in Nazi Germany, why not prosecute the instigator of a holocaust happening right now when he tries to deny it? Never mind platitudes about freedom-of-speech, or the right to an opinion. These are not matters of opinion, they are plain facts – facts he has full access to. IDS is killing tens of thousands of people, and dispossessing scores of thousands of others, and it is not his ‘opinion’ that he isn’t, it is his very primitive cover-story that he isn’t. He knows full damned well that he is devastating the lives of the poor, he takes a frightening pleasure in it, and he should not be free to pretend otherwise.

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