What happened when we recorded a PIP assessment interview

April 8, 2015

Somewhat… revealing.

Benefit tales

Just back from O’s PIP assessment, which we recorded successfully using 2 identical Phillips cassette recorders, bought for £56 online..

CAB advice on recording is as follows “The assessment with the health professional isn’t recorded, but you can use your own equipment to audio record it if you wish. However, you must be able to provide a full and accurate copy of the recording to the health professional at the end of the session, either on CD or audio cassette. You must tell the assessment provider before the appointment if you want to do this.”
But a double tape or CD recorder costs hundreds of pounds.
I rang the DWP who told me that as long as we produce 2 identical tapes simultaneously, and hand one over at the end of the assessment, the recordings don’t have to be made on the same machine. I rang ATOS who told me…

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