“I stand with Bahar Mustafa – Reverse racism isn’t real”
c/o Sam Ambreen.

Couple of points I would offer as a counter; –

While recognising it was a joke, I do think Bahar Mustafa did perhaps go just a little bit far with the #KillAllWhiteMen tweet; all talk of white male privilege accepted, it was still bound to make a lot of people think, “I’ve never even heard of this woman, and now she’s calling out for me to die? What did I ever do to her?” It was just a joke, and everyone really should have got over it before five minutes had elapsed, but at the same time it was a bit crass. And it was probably designed to get much the reaction it did. Why people who dig for a reaction complain when they get it has always been beyond me, although it says little for the intelligence of the people who reacted.

I also question the idea that reverse racism ‘isn’t real’. Just because it is not in a position to have any real effect in this country does not mean it is not there. However, societal-reverse-racism, which appears to be what the author is actually describing, certainly isn’t real and has never been anywhere near coming true, despite what right-wing mouth-foamers would have us believe. The very notion that the rights of white males are ‘sacrificed’ to put women and non-whites in a dominant position is privilege-protective whining, and if that is what the author meant, then I do agree wholeheartedly. But the implication here that racism in any form is inseparable from being in a position of power or privilege over the racial victim is highly questionable. (Racism is inseparable from a *desire* for power, but a contempt for people on the basis of their ethnicity is racism, no matter how powerless the person with the attitude is.)

What I notice from studying the hashtag on Twitter is that many of the people responding angrily to the joke are exactly the same sorts of people who make casual racist remarks and sneer about ‘political correctness’ whenever they receive an objection to doing it. This little chapter though underlines that the right wing has a very strict ‘political correctness’ catalogue of its own of what may be spoken and what may not be. Their own outrage when the bounds are overstepped is louder and more self-righteous.

Left at the Lights

I was considering jumping straight into this post but when I did so on Twitter white people got unnecessarily agitated so I shall explain first. Goldsmiths University bme students have been hounded by the white left and right of the mainstream media and beyond, for demanding safe spaces for ethnic minorities. Bahar Mustafa, a student officer has been accused of racism, with white people everywhere chucking their newly acquired race cards in for their two pennies. This post will attempt to demonstrate how ludicrous these accusations of reverse racism are. Racism isn’t about fighting back at people who have structural power and control over you or initiating spaces within which it is safe to speak about the systematic targeting of people of colour by the state or indeed institutions like universities, it’s those people in power using their wealth and position to deny non-white people freedom in all things.


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