I’m sure that Jeremy Hunt is not stupid…………..

September 5, 2015

Jeremy Hunt’s dirty PR tricks neatly-summarised.
c/o Big Up The NHS

Big Up the NHS

Hunt TweetHe has done it again! He tweeted yesterday that a “Shocking study showing heart attacks are deadlier at the weekend. 7 day services is about saving lives”.

I will discuss the likely accuracy of this statement later but what if it does turn out to be true? Consider the effect of making this information public in this way. Patients who develop chest pain at the weekend will certainly be more anxious as a result. Some with milder symptoms may even delay seeking help until a weekday. Anxiety is a powerful emotion that has real physical effects – including increases in hormones which can have a detrimental effect on a heart under strain. Heart attacks are the archetypal example of a condition where a patient’s expectations can influence their outcome.

As a result real patients could come to harm. The numbers involved across the UK are so large that…

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