David Cameron: A New Model Stalin

September 16, 2015

by Martin Odoni

Forced patriotism is often sneered at by the British media when it is not British patriotism. For instance, film from the old Soviet Union of vast crowds of fervent Russian troops chestily roaring The State Anthem is Exhibit A when wanting to prove the phenomenon of Marxist brainwashing. Exhibit B will be examples of the Soviet Government lying to its population about its successful policies and what policies will be enacted in future. Exhibit C will be examples of the Soviet Government burying evidence of promises they have failed to keep.

So on reflection of this, I will ask a question; out of David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn, which of the two most prominent leaders of political parties in the United Kingdom would you say is more Soviet Union-like in his conduct?

Regularly read a ‘newspaper’ like The Telegraph or The Daily Mail (heaven help you), and you would think the question so laughably easy to answer that it hardly merits asking. “Why, Corbyn of course!” you would scoff. “The USSR was Left, Corbyn is Left, so Corbyn is the Kommissar!”

Au contraire. The economic leanings of the Soviet Union might have been the opposite of Cameron’s unquestioning Free Market worship, but in all other respects, Cameron’s conduct and outlook are far closer to the USSR’s than Corbyn’s.

Cameron is the sort of rosy-eyed Conservative who could hardly resist the impulse to sing along whenever he hears a rendition of God Save The Queen, or Rule Britannia!, and he will sing them with so little pause-for-thought that the distinction between him and a lifetime Stalinist in the Red Army is purely a matter of parameters.

Compare that to Corbyn, who, in stark contrast to the brainwashed devotees of ‘Mother Russia’, refuses to sing his national anthem, even when hemmed in on all sides by the peer-pressure of a large crowd singing it with unrestrained gusto. Well in fact, he has apparently agreed he will sing it in future, but we can be sure it will be without the slightest trace of jingoism in his heart. He is a lifelong republican and does not see what a song idealising a talentless elderly woman – whom people have only heard of due to the accident of her being born a distant descendant of a Franco-Viking warlord who conquered England in the Eleventh Century and brutalised much of its population (oh, our Royals and their philanthropic heritage!) – has to do with being respectful to people who died during this nation’s many, many wars. The non-necessity of most of those wars is one of the reasons why Corbyn is no jingoist.

So, in our ‘How-Much-Do-You-Resemble-A-Soviet?’ contest, after the mindless-patriotism category, Cameron is one-nil up.

How about the breaking-promises-to-the-population category? Well in all fairness, as Corbyn has, to date, never been Prime Minister, it is difficult to provide an even assessment; he has not broken any notable promises to the electorate because he has never been in the position of having to. But nevertheless, were we to compare Cameron with Stalin and other Soviet leaders, we find plenty of common ground. For instance, only yesterday Cameron’s Government pushed several important cuts to tax credits through Parliament. One of the credits that is being reduced, after a fashion, is child tax credit.

Now the exact nature of the cut to it is quite complicated – here is the Daily Mirror’s attempt to decode it for us – and it can be presented in such a way that it could be argued that it is not a cut as such. But whatever the case, it does clearly run contrary to what was implied before the Election when David Cameron was speaking on the BBC. Once again, the Tories are punishing the poor for a gigantic National Debt created mainly by the mistakes of the rich, in a way they had specifically promised not to.

Apparently, this move merits less attention in the media than Jeremy Corbyn showing precisely as much Royalist patriotism as he has always claimed to possess. (I glanced through a copy of The Metro on the way into work this morning – I know, I know, The Daily Mail without cash, but it was either that or stare at the tram ceiling for fifteen minutes – and while I concede I was not looking very closely, I could see no sign of tax credit cuts even being mentioned, while several pages were devoted to the apparent ‘scandal’ of Jeremy Corbyn not singing God Save The Queen.)

Cameron lied about not cutting tax credits, Corbyn didn't sing a song. Guess who the media are getting angry with?

Corbyn not singing GSTQ is apparently more important than David Cameron lying to the electorate.

But surely this broken promise by Cameron marks him out as behaving in a manner similar to Soviet propagandists, which is a reason in itself to highlight it.

Two-nil to Cameron in the race for the title of ‘The New Stalin’ then. This makes the third and final category – the change-of-historical-facts event – something of a ‘dead-rubber’, but even there, Cameron is a clear winner. Remember November 2013, when the Tories deleted a whole archive of speeches from before the previous General Election? Well, at least Cameron did not issue a whole line-up of replacement speeches to fill the gap, and claim that they were what he and his colleagues had actually said – that would be truly Orwellian – but deletion is half the crime. (My brother argues that it was not deliberate censorship, but simply routine server-maintenance by Conservative Party staff who had no idea what it was they were deleting. Possible, and I must stress that my brother is an I.T. expert and is no more a Tory sympathiser than I am, but I remain unconvinced.) While I am unaware of any examples of Corbyn rewriting history, Stalin would certainly be proud to call Cameron ‘a creature of his own’. Remember what Stalin did to the memory of Leon Trotsky, and others?

So, it is three-nil to Cameron, a far more impressive victory than either of his General Election performances. Surely that is worth consideration, next time Corbyn is attacked in the press as a ‘Trotskyist‘?

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