NO! I won’t shut up.

June 25, 2016

Leave campaigners have insisted that they have a right to an opinion and to keep stating it, even when it is demonstrated to them why they are wrong. So why should Remain supporters be forced to stay quiet while the leaders of the Leave campaign start admitting the wide variety of promises that they will not keep?

Eleanor St Clair

I am angry. I am so very angry. I woke up today to an absolute shit storm, and now people are saying, let’s just be quiet. Let’s accept it and move on. Let’s concentrate on what comes next. There is nothing we can do. There really isn’t any point in getting upset about it.

NO! There is a point. I AM ANGRY and I won’t let it go. Today I am ashamed of being British, and of being Welsh. And you know what, I think we NEED to be angry. We were not angry enough about this farce of a referendum before it happened, I damn well am not going to be quiet now.

Reasons I am angry.

1._Old people fucked us over, and they don’t have to deal with it for as long as we do. 

Yeah. I said it.

Yeah, I know, everyone gets a vote…

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