Where has the Brexit vote left Britain, Labour, and the Conservative Party?

June 28, 2016

Once again, the stubborn New Labour bloc persists with trying to promote the Tory-like program of ideas that got the country into the current mess in the first place. They seem incapable of letting themselves recognise the better alternatives.

Meanwhile, is it possible that the Tories are looking for a new General Election this Autumn – and hope to lose it? Anything to avoid the responsibility of activating Article 50, a responsibility they themselves dragged onto the country’s shoulders.

Fascinating summary of the present political landscape in the UK, by Richard Hutton.

A New Place Of Exile

The Labour party may be finished-off by the results of the EU referendum: whether wholesale, or just in its current form, is open to question. It’s now clear how Tony Blair has managed to control the Parliamentary Party during the last 11 years. He is currently in Downfall mode – only, instead of ordering servile generals to send imaginary armies into battle, he’s tasking mediocre careerists with mobilising support that they do not have.

If Jeremy Corbyn is deposed, Labour is finished. The attempt to remove him from the leadership is obviously anti-democratic; and there is no justification for it. It is a cynical and disingenuous exercise; planned in advance, irrespective of which outcome the EU referendum bore. It is in defiance of Labour’s membership, supporters, and the unions; while the national circumstances of it make it unforgiveable. The only difference between this coup, and one occurring in a third-world dictatorship, is that the…

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