MP Reed never consulted us on Corbyn, say Labour members

July 3, 2016

Steve Reed OBE was part of the mass-exodus of MPs from the Shadow Cabinet last week. He claimed that he did so ” “After consulting my local constituency party”. The local constituency party deny that he ever discussed the matter with them.

More on this from the ‘Inside Croydon’ blog.

Inside Croydon

Steve Reed OBE, the Progress MP for Lambeth South/Croydon North [delete to taste] waited until this morning before joining the exodus of right wingers from the Labour Party’s shadow cabinet, issuing a letter announcing that he is resigning from his junior position in the local government team, he says because of concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Progress: Steve Reed OBE Progress: Steve Reed OBE

But members of his own constituency party say that Reed’s letter is at best is disingenuous, and at worst includes an outright lie.

“We had the Croydon North Constituency Labour Party annual meeting on Friday night, when members asked Reed about the threats against the leader,” said one activist who was present. “He refused to discuss the matter, saying that there was a meeting at Westminster on Monday and he would talk about it with parliamentary colleagues there.”

In his resignation letter, Reed has written that he made his decision,

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