Of Hashtags and Refugees

August 2, 2016

Becky Cutts reminds us that the refugee crisis has not only NOT gone away, it is getting worse.

One Small Difference

11 months ago, a picture flashed across our television screens, filled social media feeds, and implanted itself firmly in our minds. The picture showed a young Syrian boy, only three years old. His body lay on a beach, looking almost as though he was sleeping. The young child had perished whilst trying to reach the safety of Europe.

This picture of Aylan Kurdi automatically went viral. Thousands took to social media to declare #RefugeesWelcome. All of a sudden, the media were forced to start talking about refugees as humans, rather than swarms. Politicians began to clamour for the opportunity to show that they were trying to help those fleeing war and persecution. Donations to the Calais “Jungle” increased drastically, making a huge difference to the lives of the men, women and children living there.

13707810_10154220686365295_7540269897887360021_nJust eleven months after that picture went viral, things in the warehouse at Calais couldn’t be…

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