Despite her laughter at my physical agony earlier today (long story), I am happy to reblog another post from Becky Cutts about refugees in the Greek Islands.

One Small Difference

Today marks exactly one week since I arrived in Lesbos, and I have to say, it has been an incredibly busy week at that. I have so much to write about that I really don’t know where to begin.

The legal centre, where I’m working, is based within a larger project called the Mosaik Centre. The Mosaik Centre provides lessons and workshops to the refugees on the island. Last Friday it was also the location of the best talent show I’ve ever attended. The refugees who took part in the talent show were from all sorts of different countries and backgrounds. There was a young lad who rapped in Farsi. The rap was about a lesbian demanding the right to be herself and love who she wants to love. It was so fast that you could hardly make out the individual words. There was a lad reciting poetry he’d written…

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