Dirty tactics against Momentum are coming from all directions.

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A formal complaint has been lodged with the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards about South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay.

The complaint has been made by Christine Tongue, a writer for the Watch, who says Mr Mackinlay has put her in fear for her personal safety.

Christine, from Broadstairs, said: “My own MP has made the most damaging allegations about me without giving me a chance to respond or defend myself in any way. And it has exposed me to danger of personal attack.”

The basis of Christine’s complaint is that on Friday 2 September Mr Mackinlay published an unfounded allegation of anti-Semitism against her on social media. He made the allegation in a letter to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, which Mr Mackinlay then tweeted to his followers.

Christine, who is a well-known member of the Corbyn-supporting Momentum Thanet group, said: “In his letter Mr Mackinlay warned Mr Corbyn that I…

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Please sign and share this petition to help Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital from closure.


Save Liverpool Women's Hospital

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Liverpool Women’s Hospital, a hospital with one of the finest records of patient care in the entire north-west region, is under threat of closure as part of a proposed re-allocation of services to other hospitals such as the Liverpool Royal, and Aintree.

We need support to keep this irrational proposal from going ahead, as it will have devastating knock-on effects all across the north-west of England.

A full march and demo at the Labour Party Conference is scheduled for the 25th of September. Please join the march, and help the campaign to keep this critical lifeline for women across the north-west from being severed.

Save Liverpool Women's Hospital


Why a Women’s Hospital?

Why do we want a women’s hospital?

We need a Women’s Hospital. Ours is one of only two in the country; it is not perfect but it is much needed. There are important medical and surgical differences between men and women. We have different life events, different illnesses, some different cancers, different symptoms for heart attacks, and we respond differently to some medicines. Women live longer than men, but have more illness in later life. Women’s role in reproduction means that we are subject to different physical and mental illnesses than men.

Women and children bear the brunt of poverty and ‘austerity’.

Every other field of medicine has specialist hospitals – in fact, the current ‘fashion’ is for specialist hospitals. Each of the Liverpool Hospitals is specialising, so why can we not keep our Women’s Hospital? Just as the other hospitals send women to LWH…

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