Save the neo natal services. Keep the babies near their mums.

October 3, 2016

Neo-natal services at Liverpool Women’s Hospital need upgrading, not relocating elsewhere.

Save Liverpool Women's Hospital

Neo natal services

A dad pointed to his well-beloved son and said.” He would not be here if it were not for that hospital”.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital is held in the hearts of many families, similarly grateful for the care of the neo natal unit. The public fund raising for it shows how much it is respected.  Liverpool Women’s Hospital cared for 1,091 babies in the neo natal unit.

The report to Liverpool CCG said

“• Current neonatal facility was under size for current and future needs.”

There are problems faced by the neo natal unit

  1. There is a dire national shortage of neo natal nurses such that not all the beds can be used at present
  2. New policies mean when each bed is replaced each bed needs more space. There is though no lack of space in Liverpool Women’s hospital. The investment to upgrade this unit is required.


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