About that Tory plant on Question Time

May 13, 2017

by Martin Odoni

In case you missed it, there was a disturbing moment at the start of BBC Question Time on Thursday 11th May. The recently-elected Conservative councillor for Clydesdale, Eric Holford, was allowed to sit in the audience and was even selected, very suspiciously, to ask the first question of the night, using it to express paranoid, scare-mongering noises about a putative Labour Government. An actual elected member of any of the parties being allowed to sit in the audience on Question Time undermines the whole point of the programme, and seriously jeopardises any integrity it has (which is not very much these days).

I have submitted a complaint to the BBC about the incident. I realise it will prove futile, but if nothing else, I want to force someone there to do some work, and I recommend others push for the same. Readers can access the BBC online complaints page by clicking HERE.

I used the following text to outline my concerns. Any readers who want to complain as well, but are struggling to find the right words, should feel free to copy-and-paste the below; –

“The first audience member to ask a question was a Conservative Party councillor. Given the nature of the programme, it is profoundly inappropriate that an active elected member of one of the parties was allowed to ask questions to the panel. The point of Question Time is to open up debate to members of the public, not to allow the governing party to use up time attacking opponents. It is also highly suspicious that this councillor was the first person allowed to ask a question, and that he was allowed to ask three questions rather than just the one.”


UPDATE: 15/5/2017

I have received a response from the BBC, and you can read it here.


7 Responses to “About that Tory plant on Question Time”

  1. Steve Mills Says:

    He also lied about his daughter, she works for BUPA not the NHS as he claimed.

  2. sdbast Says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  3. Kim Tarrant Says:

    I have also complained to the BBC and asked Councillor Holford via his Facebook page if he stated his occupation and that he was an active Conservative member on his application to be in the audience for QT – https://www.facebook.com/EricHolfordClydesdaleEast/photos/a.852236231506629.1073741827.852147194848866/1403528556377391/?type=3&theater

  4. Sophia.George 💋 Says:

    Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    100% behind you. I stopped watching anything to do with the BBC about 18 months ago as it became more and more apparent the TV shows, that are allegedly, aimed to give viewers adequate insight into currrent affairs objectively, have unfortunately been anything but and I find the rifht wing slant both disturbing and disgusting. No longer fit-for-Purpose.

    • Martin Odoni Says:

      Agreed. The BBC insist there is no bias and that when these things happen, it’s a mistake. But it’s interesting how these mistakes almost invariably benefit the right wing, and seldom the left.

      • Sophia.George 💋 Says:

        Yeah I haven’t got time for them in truth. I was going to cancel sky as I only use Netflix and Prime, and withdraw my television license but I’m not sure where I stand with that. I just feel I’m paying for a service that no longer gives me the option to make up my own mind- rather they paraphrase Tory jargon and occasionally soften the edges to make it more palatable- although I could never ever believe that anything the right could conjure would be palatable.

      • Martin Odoni Says:

        I got rid of my TV license in about 2011 because I realised I had no use for watching broadcast television. I hated most shows, and the news was so shallow and biased that I always stopped watching it. So what was the use of it?

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