Taking stock of a fantastic week for Labour

May 21, 2017

by Martin Odoni

The Conservative Party lead, at least in the YouGov polls, appears to be in free-fall. Their lead, suggested to be at a resounding 24 points a month ago, is now calculated at just 9.


That is a dramatic slump in one month, but it gets worse; the Tory lead was double its current scale just over one week ago. With almost three weeks of campaigning time still left, there is now a realistic chance – though still less than 50/50 – of Labour forcing a Hung Parliament. That would be an unmitigated disaster for Theresa May, given her enormous starting advantage, and one of the greatest upsets in British Electoral history.

Two years ago, the Tories somehow got away with one of the worst, ugliest, dirtiest, sleaziest, most negative campaigns in living memory. This year, they have managed to exceed their transgressions with a campaign composed of repetitive dronings-on about ‘Strong-&-Stable’ leadership, ridiculous scare-mongering noises about Jeremy Corbyn, and policy announcements that openly attack many of their own core supporters, especially pensioners.

tory daleks

Each of the three ‘main’ parties announced their manifestos this week, a big occasion that should usually feed impetus to their respective campaigns. That was certainly true for Labour, as an ambitious and (by recent standards at least) fairly radical manifesto was greeted with enormous enthusiasm and approval by large numbers of people around the country, quite capturing the public imagination and really seizing the Election initiative. Labour has advanced 11 points in the last few weeks, according to YouGov, including 3 points just this week. The Liberal Democrats’ manifesto-launch was much-of-a-muchness, and was greeted with according quietness, and its polling-points total is thus the same today as it was beforehand. The Tories’ manifesto, launched on Thursday, has been described, in loud of echoes of Labour in 1983, as one of the longest suicide notes in history. It is uncosted, and its attacks on pensioners’ rights, including an effective ‘Death Tax‘, and on schoolchildren, with the end of free school meals, have clearly horrified even many of the party’s own core supporters. Outcome; the Tories are down by 5 points in the aftermath of launching their own manifesto! That is an incredible indictment of what an abysmal campaign they are running.

It seems people are finally cottoning on to the reality that the Tories have nothing to offer except cruelty, most of which has no purpose behind it other than looking ‘tough’.

In more good news for Corbyn, a new poll suggests that, in spite of the mechanical claims of Blairites, his leadership is not the reason for the party’s lack of support over the last couple of years; instead, the poll finds Labour would likely lose support if Corbyn were replaced by Chuka Umunna or Yvette Cooper.

Labour has the ability to win this General Election, folks. All the Parliamentary Party seems to lack – bar Corbyn and his closest allies – is the belief.

4 Responses to “Taking stock of a fantastic week for Labour”

  1. Sophia.George 💋 Says:

    Well I ❤️ This … I think we are gunna do it!!!!!

    • Martin Odoni Says:

      What I can say with confidence is that Labour have dominated the campaigning so far, and have total control of the initiative. Things are better for them at this stage than I imagined they could be, almost as much because of how appallingly the Tories have campaigned so far as how well Labour have performed. But are Labour actually going to do it? Still unlikely, but at the same time, it’s likelier than it was. A Hung Parliament is still the best we can realistically hope for, but that would still be some achievement.

      • Sophia.George 💋 Says:

        Well we won’t do it without a hung parliament really will we because we don’t have Scotland, but a hung parliament would surely unite the left parties?! Xxxx

      • Martin Odoni Says:

        You would think so. Certainly the Greens will be very willing to help Labour. The Lib-Dems… maybe.

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