The Tory campaign is in meltdown; come on, Blue Labourites, time to get behind Corbyn

May 22, 2017

by Martin Odoni

After yesterday’s Nightmare On Tory Street, another YouGov poll has more frightening news for Theresa May. The Conservative Party, having apparently made big gains in Wales over the previous few months, appeared in recent polls to have overtaken the Labour Party west of the border, with the Tories on 41 points and Labour languishing on 35.

Now, after last week’s much-applauded Labour Manifesto, and the Tories’ everlasting shambles on Thursday and in the days following, YouGov have found the swing back to Labour has been far bigger and more rapid in Wales than seemed possible just ten days ago. The Labour Party has not just caught up west of the border; it has surged back into the lead there, and on 44 points, the party is suddenly an imposing 10 points ahead of the Tories, who have slumped back to just 34.

Now, a swing on this scale is not going to be replicated across the country as a whole, at least not remotely as quickly, but if it were to do so, Labour would not only be looking at forcing a Hung Parliament, they might even be the largest party in a minority Government.

I shall waste little time listing off the implications for the Tories, as they hardly need pointing out. However, I should mention that today’s latest little fiasco, with announcing an amendment to a Manifesto promise just days after publishing it, compounded by insulting attempts by May to convince everybody that there has been no Tory U-turn, has doubtless only cost her party more votes. But the YouGov poll in Wales was compiled from findings across four days up until yesterday, and will not reflect reaction to today’s farce. The Tories have made every stupid mistake it is possible to make so far in this campaign, and that is why they have started to haemorrhage support.

My priority is to mention the right wing of the Parliamentary Labour Party. It is time for them to grow up, and to smarten up. Their party has all the impetus now. Jeremy Corbyn may not yet be winning the Election, but he is dominating the Election Campaign, and that means he can win on the 8th of June. So I am addressing the Blairites, their allies, their apologists, and their spin doctors when I say the following; –

If you want to convince everybody that you are not just ‘Blue Labour’ or ‘Red Tories’, that these are just cheap insults that miss your true beliefs, well now is your chance. Just see what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet have already done over the last month largely without you. Now imagine what they could do if only you would swallow your stubborn pride and get properly behind Corbyn. No, none of the shallow gesturism and ‘going-through-the-motions’ you have made do with up until now. It is time for you really to speak up for him, really to commit to his Manifesto, really to appeal for the public’s support, and really to show that you truly want that support.

For the sake of far more than just your party, you cannot afford to waste another opportunity like this. You made such a terrible, self-defeating mistake when you tried to overthrow Corbyn last year, letting the Tories off the hook when they were reeling from the Brexit Referendum. By some miracle, you have been presented with another opportunity. Do not make the same mistake now. The Tories, with their U-turns, their brainless policy ideas, and their comical public gaffes, are not ‘Strong-&-Stable’, they are vulnerable and clumsy. A sustained, unified, party-wide campaign by Labour starting now can bring the Conservative Party toppling down, and there are so, so many people around the country who desperately need that to happen. Never mind your ideological assumptions that old-style Labour politics ‘must be wrong’, and that you will therefore make them wrong just so you can tell yourselves that you are right. There are more important matters at stake than your intellectual vanity. Time to get on board. Time to work with the leader your party chose, and time to bring down the most draconian Government Britain has had to endure in well over a century. That should be a goal in itself.

The opportunity is there to do it, and contrary to your assumptions over the last two years, it can happen with Jeremy Corbyn as leader. In fact, it could well happen because he is leader; he is connecting with the public in a way that no political figure has done in about twenty years.

Screenshot from 2017-05-22 19-13-58

Just think what could be achieved over the next few weeks if you really backed him.

Corbyn can win this, and that means you can win this. Do not be the ones who lose it for your party instead. So many people will suffer if you do.

5 Responses to “The Tory campaign is in meltdown; come on, Blue Labourites, time to get behind Corbyn”

  1. Sophia.George 💋 Says:

    I really love this. Time to leave the oscars to the stars and politicians be politicians. If they truly want a Labour Party government it’s ours for the taking. Time we unite.

    In solidarity. For the many not the few 👊🏼

  2. Florence Says:

    Well said. I despair of these clowns who are so full of their own puffery that they are “willing” (if not outright working for) a Tory win, knowing that tens of thousands are going to die, unnecessarily. They may not like the return of actual centralist policies so middle of the road for many countries, but if they don’t want to work for the benefit of their constituents then they are in the wrong job, or the wrong party.

  3. Audrey Pool Says:

    On the local news tonight one sitting Labour mp of the blue persuasion is busy telling voters he doesn’t support Corbyn but vote Labour though they have no chance of winning.Seriously with these idiots in his ranks is it any wonder people aren’t bothering to vote .Gave the bbc the perfect Labour bashing opportunity as we saw them interview person after person who were switching from being lifelong Labour supporters to the Tories,the Corbyn haters and the man who said Labour were finished.Had one token Labour supporter in this barrage of anti Labour propaganda.Why aren’t these mps backing the democratically elected leader or resigning ?

    • Martin Odoni Says:

      As I wrote in the article, it’s stubborn, ‘intellectual’ vanity. They’ve spent the last 25 years changing what the party stands for because they had been convinced by Kinnock and Blair that the British public had become anti-socialist. They don’t want to face the possibility of discovering that they’ve spent half their lives doing the wrong thing, so they’d rather help bring down Corbyn’s chances than see him win. It’s pathetic, and one of the most shallow forms of selfishness imaginable.

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