In the interests of political neutrality, please do not help proliferate this song

May 29, 2017

by Martin Odoni


On Friday 26th May, the band Captain Ska, in association with The People’s Assembly Against Austerity, released a new single called Liar Liar.

Screenshot from 2017-05-29 14-26-32

It has so far been a great success, reaching number 10 in the Downloads Chart on iTunes. However, several radio stations, Capital FM and Heart, have skipped over the song when it would have been appropriate to play it on air.

The precise reason for this oversight has not yet been made clear, but one pretex-… er, I mean, entirely justified possible reason is concern over political neutrality. The content of the song is heavily critical of Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative Government. Given the entertainment-only nature of these radio stations, it is perhaps understandable that their controllers would want to keep their broadcast content apolitical, especially with a General Election only eleven days away.

Now of course, this issue could lead to considerable unhappy pressure being applied to broadcasters, especially if the single continues to do well. And we would absolutely not want that to happen, now would we? I have concluded that the most reliable way of preventing such an inconvenience would be to reduce public exposure to Liar Liar. So I have decided to do my bit to help out. Therefore…

In the interests of political neutrality, it would be preferable if nobody clicked on the following link leading to the download page for the single on the Amazon website; –

This is the link you should not click on.

Also, may I request that no one follows this link to the corresponding download page on the iTunes website either?

You should not click on this link either.

Equally, political neutrality also requires that no one’s attention is brought to the video release of the single, which can be viewed on YouTube via this next link, which of course no one should click on either; –

Whoah! You should totally avoid this link like it leads to a 700-photo album of Katie Hopkins in a series of saucy poses.

And above all, can I please request that all readers share all the links on this page to their social media accounts. That way, everybody else they know will be made aware of which links not to click on, and can pass the information on in turn.

Thank you for your time and co-operation, everybody.


8 Responses to “In the interests of political neutrality, please do not help proliferate this song”

  1. Sophia.George 💋 Says:

    ❤️ It xxxxxx

  2. jonianni Says:

    Reblogged this on jprokta.

  3. I do not want to live in a police or dictator state, I would like to hear the song which represents free speech and as it happens, the lyrics are true.

  4. Please neither buy nor watch this :-))

  5. for one horrible moment I thought you really didn’t want us to listen to this song – as I’d already shared it with my two friends and 3 followers I wondered if I’d made a terrible mistake.

  6. Am I being thick? I wanted to share your piece on facebook / twitter but can’t find anywhere to do it.

    • Martin Odoni Says:

      I’m afraid the facility isn’t on this blog for complicated reasons. Sadly, you’ll have to do it the lo-tech way by copying the URL and pasting it into social media posts. Sorry!

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