Open e-mail I have sent to James O’Brien regarding his association with racists

July 24, 2018

by Martin Odoni

James O-Brien comfortable with racists?

James O’Brien of LBC Radio is disturbingly comfortable associating with racists, for one who gets so self-righteous about (perceived) racism in the Labour Party.

“[Dear James]

Are you comfortable with racism?

If not, why don’t you work harder to get racists like Nigel Farage thrown off the radio station you work for? Why don’t you refuse to work for LBC while it allows Farage to promote Steve Bannon?

Oh? Am I being unfair on you? Well, you had the disgusting temerity to insinuate that Jeremy Corbyn is ‘comfortable with anti-Semitism’ [on Monday], even though he is at least trying to get anti-Semites out of the Labour Party (what few there are).

You can’t have it both ways, put your money where your gob is. Otherwise, we can only conclude that you have no problem working for a station that gives a safe harbour to racists.”

3 Responses to “Open e-mail I have sent to James O’Brien regarding his association with racists”

  1. no details Says:

    Well said Martin.

  2. Robert Ollis Says:

    Kenneth S. Stern is Executive Director of the Justus & Karin Rosenberg Foundation, and has spent his whole career combating hatred and antisemitism. Few people anywhere are better qualified to comment on this whole issue than he is. Yet to his dismay, as he explained to the House of Representatives, the definition has been abused on various US university campuses to “restrict academic freedom and punish political speech”, and had the effect of “chilling pro-Palestinian speech”.

    Stern also paid particular heed to alarming developments in Britain.

    (The) “working definition” was recently adopted in the United Kingdom and applied to campus. An “Israel Apartheid Week” event was cancelled as violating the definition. A Holocaust survivor was required to change the title of a campus talk, and the university mandated it be recorded, after an Israeli diplomat complained that the title violated the definition. Perhaps most egregious, an off-campus group citing the definition called on a university to conduct an inquiry of a professor (who received her PhD from Columbia) for antisemitism, based on an article she had written years before. The university then conducted the inquiry. And while it ultimately found no basis to discipline the professor, the exercise itself was chilling and McCarthy-like.

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