Suspend Margaret Hodge from the Labour Party at once

August 16, 2018

by Martin Odoni

NB: The following text is a letter of complaint I have sent to the Labour Party this evening, demanding Dame Margaret Hodge’s membership be re-suspended. If you share my disgust at what Hodge has said on Sky News today – see the link below – you may consider this page to be a template. Therefore, feel free to copy and paste the below text into e-mails of complaint against Hodge that you wish to send to the party, if you are having any trouble finding the right words. The address to send such e-mails to is

Dame Margaret Hodge making irresponsible noises about antisemitism

Hodge’s abusiveness to her leader was reason enough for her suspension from the Labour Party. Her attempts to compare the party to Nazi Germany should mean automatic expulsion.


To whom it may concern (which should be everybody in the Labour Party),

I wish to express my offence and disgust at the appalling behaviour and rhetoric of Margaret Hodge.

[LINK] Margaret Hodge: Labour investigation made me think about treatment of Jews in 1930s Germany

Hodge’s attempts to compare an honest, fair and necessary investigation into her previous abusive conduct to the actions of Nazi Germany on 16/8/2018 was not only hyperbolic to the point of insanity, it was also incredibly offensive and hurtful – both to the honest great majority of Labour supporters and members, and to members of the various Jewish communities around the UK. Her behaviour belittles and trivialises the deaths of literally millions of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, and is thus anti-Semitic.

It is quite clear that Hodge is cynically manipulating her Jewish background in order to win favourable treatment. This is, in itself, highly offensive to British Jews, while also grossly unfair on other party members who have been accused of misconduct and are finding it immensely difficult to receive a fair hearing.

Hodge’s words are also immensely hypocritical, given her own desire to see the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism adopted in full, including its clause arguing that comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic. Hodge cannot have it both ways. If comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is unacceptable in all times and in all circumstances, then comparing her party to Nazi Germany is also inexcusable.

I demand Hodge’s immediate suspension from the Labour Party, pending a new investigation into her conduct.

Kind regards
Martin Odoni

21 Responses to “Suspend Margaret Hodge from the Labour Party at once”

  1. James Ritchie Says:

    Good luck Martin

  2. Caro Green Says:


    FAO All Labour Party Members

    I am dismayed and disgusted that Margaret Hodge continues to be in any way representative of the Labour Party following this latest display of vitriolic, verbal propaganda:

    Margaret Hodge: Labour investigation made me think about treatment of Jews in 1930s Germany

    I believe Hodge shows a complete disregard for other Jewish people, by trying to demean the labour party through its leader by comparing the investigation with Nazi tactics in order to try and score political points. It is insulting to the holocaust victims, their relatives and all Jewish people of integrity.

    As a lifelong Labour voter of forty five years, I do not wish to support a party that allows such a viper to poison their cause.

    Truly Labour

    Carolyn Green

  3. Totally agree. Thank you for all your wok and insight, particularly over the last months.

  4. Brian Arrigoni Says:


  5. Maureen Long Says:

    Margaret Hodge is actively encouraging murder of the Palestinian people, Wonder where her loyalties lie?

    • Martin Odoni Says:

      By saying there’s a ‘thin line’ between supporting the Palestinians and being anti-Semitic, I would agree that she is, in effect, calling for murder, or at least violence and repression.

  6. David M. Oates Says:

    I can’t think of a clearer example of ‘bringing the Party into disrepute’, she is gloating at the actions being dropped and using the eons long historic suffering of millions matter not one jot to get an internal political dig in at the Leader she has never supported.

  7. downpaymentonthefuture Says:

    Absolutely but you’re not alone on this. Which is great – Personally I’ve been saying exactly this from the moment JC was on the ballot paper. The labour left really do need to deal with this now – especailly with the sorts of noise len McClusky is a making. I’m not in the LP I’m in the Socialist party who echo this POV – we need to work together to get rid of the blairites and get JC in (or someone like him) into No.10 so’s the programme has a chance of being implemented. It also needs to be remebered that getting him in is just the beginning. My two pennies worth – which is pretty much the same as yours

  8. […] Source: Suspend Margaret Hodge from the Labour Party at once | TheCritique Archives […]

  9. hallanos Says:

    Well said Martin. Her conduct has been disgraceful. She appears to be harbouring a grudge too.

  10. Janet Mears Says:

    I am afraid I have Been unable to access this letter would love to read it & probably make comment to Labour Party.

  11. patrob428 Says:

    Margaret Hodge.
    She was born in 1944 in Cairo, Egypt, to Jewish refugee parents. Hans Oppenheimer (1908–1985), and his wife Lisbeth (née Hollitsche)Married 1936 in Cairo.Hans Oppenheimer left Stuttgart in Germany during the 1930s to join his uncle’s metals business based in Cairo and Alexandria! Fled Nazi Germany? Is she being truthful?

  12. Very good, Patrob428. Can you source these facts, please?

  13. Arthur Powis Says:

    As a memberof the Labour Party I urge that this vile personn is expelled immediately.

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