BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat against Jackie Walker film

September 25, 2018

by Martin Odoni

A fringe event at this week’s Labour Party Conference in Liverpool has been abandoned due to a bomb threat. The event was an early screening of The Public Lynching Of Jackie Walker, created by the eponymous Jacqueline Walker, and telling the story of how she was hounded out of the Labour Party on trumped-up charges of ‘anti-Semitism’. (Like myself, Jackie is a Jew, and also like myself, she is regarded as a ‘Wrong Kind Of Jew’ due to her opposition to Israel.)

Bomb threat & evacuation

A screening of Jackie Walker’s film in Liverpool is abandoned due to a bomb threat

The building hosting the event, Blackburne House, had to be evacuated, and the audience, after standing outside for some while, were instructed by the police to disperse a little after 8pm.

While not wishing to point fingers too soon, there have been numerous Zionist attempts to disrupt left-wing Jewish meetings over the last couple of years, including at a Jewish Voice for Labour fringe meeting this very week. In that light, a screening of a film in support of a Labour member expelled for supposed anti-Semitism is a prime target for violent threats.

Luciana theatrics

Luciana Berger only needs a bodyguard when the TV cameras are on her.

Perhaps Labour right-wingers like Margaret Hodge and Luciana Berger, with their ridiculous histrionics-for-the-cameras with needless bodyguards, and comparisons to the Holocaust, would like to consider that a real threat is being aimed at the very people by whom they claim to be threatened? There is every chance that this threat was made by one of Hodge’s/Berger’s allies. If that is the case, what will they have to say about that?

Anyway, Jackie has already responded with repeated declarations on social media that she will not be silenced. If you wish to help her in that endeavour, and in the interests of free speech, please consider donating to her GoFundMe campaign, so she can afford to hire the space to screen the film as widely as possible.

EDIT 21:55:

Happily, it does appear to have been a malicious hoax rather than the deployment of a real bomb. But the hoax has had the effect that was almost certainly desired of it, in that the screening of the film has been abandoned. This is intimidation and an affront to free speech.

Jackie has added the following information on her Facebook timeline about the threatening call that was received; –

The bomb-threat

The text of the threatening call.

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