It’s time to stop saying, “One is too many”

February 12, 2019

by Martin Odoni

So there you have it. Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is to be found among less than 0.1% of its membership. As I have been saying since what feels like the Dawn-Of-Time, the British right wing, especially Zionist factions, have been making a giant mountain range out of an ant-hill.

Zionists after Labour AS stats announced

0.1% of the party MIGHT be anti-Semites. Yeah. Really worth all this fuss, wasn’t it?

The evidence against the accusers, on the other hand, is truly mountainous. Recent, very corrupt smear tactics by Wes Streeting, and the whining response of the Labour Party’s right wing to moves to have dissatisfaction with Luciana Berger placed on formal record in her local constituency, are enough on their own to show how contrived the furore has been. Add in earlier cynicisms, especially from Margaret Hodge, who actually boasts that around 200 of the complaints made were from herself, and you can see how thoroughly the right wing are going out of their way to see vast anti-Semitism where there is very little. On the subject of Hodge, there is a particular reason why the outcome is not to her liking, but do not expect her to mention it; –

Margaret Hodges reports loads of non-Labour members

Hodge and her allies are trying to present abuse from non-Labour members as examples of in-party anti-Semitism.

Beyond doubt, many of them also committed the cardinal sin of conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism – as has happened to accusations against me, an anti-Zionist Jew.

And of course, the Zionist Imperialist Chronicle (I refuse to dignify the periodical smear-rag with the title ‘Jewish’) has been making mischief in another Liverpool Labour constituency, namely Walton. Stephen Pollard, the pathological liar running the Chronicle, and who used to edit the even-more-disgraceful Daily Express, has refused to apologise, even though he published a retraction that he had the nerve to call a ‘clarification’.

Sadly, vindication for those of us who were saying that the furore was a storm in a teacup does not mean satisfaction. Partly, there is inevitable pushback by the usual suspects, arguing that the figures have been massaged in some way. We can expect a lot of heels being dug in over the next few weeks in that regard. But further than that, there is an aggravation that both defenders and detractors of the Labour Party are causing. It comes in the form of a platitude that I am getting a little tired of seeing rehearsed; –

“Even one case of anti-Semitism is one too many!”

Now I must emphasise that I do agree with the statement as it reads. One case of anti-Semitism – indeed of any form of racism – is one too many. But the main reason I want people to stop retreating into saying it is that they only ever seem to say it in response to the anti-Semitism-in-the-Labour-Party hysteria. Sure, when real anti-Semitic behaviour in Labour is discovered, the person behind it needs to go, but that should be true in every party.

Platitudes in general are a bad practice, as they are usually a sign of making polite gestures without engaging the brain. More specifically in this case, it also rather shifts the metaphorical ‘goalposts’. There has been a relentless three-year clamour about anti-Semitism being ‘rife’ in Labour. Then, when the evidence shows that the numbers involved are proportionally trifling, the accusers just cry out, “But even one anti-Semite is one too many!!!” and keep the outrage alive. But the outrage was about the problem being ‘rife’. Now it has quietly become about the problem being present in any proportion at all. It is the same outrage, maintained without a break-in-stride, only it is now based on something quite other than what it was originally.

This means that those who defend the Labour Party over anti-Semitism need to avoid being drawn into saying, “One is one too many,” because they are allowing themselves to support attempts to change the narrative on the quiet.

Such a changed narrative is not only deceitful, it also holds the Labour Party to a standard that is probably unattainable. So long as anti-Semitism exists in society, some of it is bound to seep into all political parties, and it is quite unfair to insist that Labour has to wipe it out from its ranks entirely as a bare minimum, which is what the complaints that the party “is not doing enough” or “does not take the problem seriously” amount to. This is doubly true when nowhere near the same amount of pressure is being applied to  other parties, especially the Tories of course, to combat their own racism issues.


Anti-Semitism is RARER on the left than on the right.

I sometimes hear people arguing that, as Labour aspire to higher ethics than the Conservative Party, Labour need to be held to a higher moral standard. But that is nonsense. It just gives the Tories an excuse not to try, even makes it acceptable for them to say that they are unconcerned about their lack of morals, and above all, gives racists a safe harbour in one of the largest political parties in the country. Real racism should not be allowed to influence Government policy; if you want to see the dangers of that, just ask the Windrush Generation.

In any event, holding Labour to a higher standard does not mean holding them to an unattainable standard. It makes it much too easy for McCarthyite troublemakers like Berger, Streeting and Hodge, whose real reasons for anger are ideological disagreements with Jeremy Corbyn, and provides a needless distraction from the real priority issues facing the United Kingdom; the twin struggles to end Austerity, and to rescue the country from the self-harm of a chaotic and ill-planned Brexit.

7 Responses to “It’s time to stop saying, “One is too many””

  1. James Ritchie Says:

    Another excellent post. Thanks Martin.

  2. Phil Oldham Says:

    Excellent post, Martin.

  3. Teresa Steele Says:

    Excellent post, thank you.

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