Look, is Luciana Berger “too-heavily pregnant” for politics or not?

February 13, 2019

by Martin Odoni

Quick post following up on The Skwawkbox‘s earlier observations of a poor turnout at a pro-Remain meeting at the Quaker Meeting House in Liverpool on Saturday evening. As Skwawk noted, the attendance does look suspiciously lower than the figures that Remain Labour are suggesting. I myself was in that same auditorium back in September, attending a fringe democratisation event at the Labour Party Conference, and the attendance for that meeting was so huge that more people were standing than sitting. Comparing the pictures from this week to what I saw then, I am somewhat confident that Remain Labour have inflated the numbers. But if they insist otherwise, well, I shall not dwell on that.

Instead, what I wish to discuss is that, oho, a familiar figure was addressing the crowd. Wavertree’s beloved local MP, Luciana Berger, was ‘at the lectern’.

Luciana Berger at Remain Labour meeting in Liverpool

Luciana Berger, ‘too pregnant’ to answer for undermining her party, but ‘not too pregnant’ to carry on undermining her party

Now, it is quite ironic enough that an MP who is publicly suggesting she might leave the party is working with a group called Remain Labour, even if it has a different meaning in this context. But what is rather needling about this is that, we are told by Blairites and other assorted Labour right wingers, Berger’s pregnancy, now understood to be at eight months, means she is in too vulnerable a state to face the No-Confidence Motions her local constituency party had tabled in her.

harman berger hypocrisy

Harriet Harman pleading the “rights of the mother”, when the mother is behaving in a very destructive manner.

So, Berger is supposedly ‘too-heavily pregnant’ to be made to answer to her CLP for undermining her leader and her party. But at the same time, she is not too-heavily pregnant to take part in a meeting whose express purpose is to advance a policy that explicitly contradicts the strategy the Labour Party agreed upon in Conference – thus undermining her leader and her party again.

Berger and her cynical allies cannot expect to have it both ways. If she is ‘too pregnant’ to be held to account for her actions and she should be left alone, okay, fine. But she has to stop rocking the boat. As long as she keeps taking part in rebellious activities like these, she is showing that she is well enough for politics, and therefore she is well enough to be held to account for said-activities. If she cannot deal with being held to account, then she must stop what she is doing, she cannot expect a one-way ceasefire.

This is not bullying, it is a simple demand for ordinary accountability. If Berger feels she is above that, it only underlines why many Labour members think she is so unsuitable to be an MP at all.

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