by Martin Odoni

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To whom it may concern,

I wish to draw attention to, and protest in the strongest possible terms, the behaviour of Neil Coyle MP. In a pair of tweets published this week, he was extremely abusive to fellow Labour MP Chris Williamson in a manner that clearly brings the party into disrepute. I wish to highlight two particular references he made. The first was an implied instruction to Williamson to “get in the sea”. The second was outright vulgar namecalling, referring to Williamson “a shit”.

Neil Coyle online abuse of Chris Williamson

Neil Coyle’s abuse of Chris Williamson is as explicit as any abuse right wing Labour MPs claim to receive from the left.

Clause 2.I.8 of the 2019 Labour Party rules states as follows; –

No member of the Party shall engage in conduct which… is grossly detrimental to the Party.

Instructing a fellow MP and party member to ‘get in the sea’ is abusive, and potentially encourages suicide, which is extremely irresponsible from a mental health standpoint. Subsequently referring publicly to a fellow MP and party member as ‘a shit’ is also abusive in a very crude way, and such puerile and unprovoked public yobbishness is plainly detrimental to the party’s image and reputation. No elected representative of the Labour Party can ever publicly behave in such a hooligan-like fashion.

I demand Coyle’s membership of the Labour Party be suspended with immediate effect, and a full and rigorous investigation into his conduct past-and-present be undertaken, with a view to his possible expulsion.

With polite regards