by Martin Odoni

The ‘GnasherJew‘ Twitter feed is notorious in British pro-Palestinian circles as one of the most vile and degraded smear-repositories on the internet. While claiming that their principal aim is to root out ‘left wing anti-Semitism’ (no particular explanation is ever given for their limp disregard for right wing anti-Semitism), in reality they are just yet another part of the UK Zionist lobby, which wants to destroy political opposition to the Israeli Government.

It is one of the most open secrets of the Twittersphere that one of the team running the GnasherJew feed is David Collier. Collier is a notorious and completely amoral racist hate-preacher, obsessed by his own almost disturbing animosity towards Palestinians and other Arabs. That hatred is only eclipsed by his hatred for anti-Zionists. (Long-time readers may recall that Collier attempted to smear me a little over a year ago, in a way that was swiftly overwhelmed by the sounds of my own mocking laughter.)

There is nothing more dangerous than an amoral man who feels emboldened, and Collier, it must be acknowledged, has been successful in his smearing of anti-Zionists. A lot of Labour Party members have been badly-affected by his lies and distortions over the last few years – almost all of them supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, whom he is trying to isolate within the party. That is not a development that should be made light of, incidentally. A number of decent people I know personally have seen their lives intimately ruined by this damnable conflation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, as they become unfairly stigmatised by the label of a prejudice of which they are not guilty. Doubtless, Collier and his crew are quite smug about witnessing such people intimidated, seeing it as a sign of ‘success’. Like all psychopaths, to Collier, success alone entails jutification, and so never mind that some of his victims have quite literally been traumatised by the social backlash against them. Collier has no way of grasping the idea that telling lies is wrong, even wrong when he does it in the name of a cause bigger than himself. Nor does it process in his meagre mind that if he needs to tell lies to uphold his ideology, there must be something innately wrong with that ideology.

However, Collier and his colleagues may be getting a bit too pleased with themselves, and they show some signs of – what is the current popular euphemism for taking dishonesty to self-endangering levels? Oh yes – they show some signs of ‘over-reaching’. This week, they tweeted an odd and rather needless announcement about their recent spate of not-doing-very-much. The tweet took a rather sinister turn in its second half however.

This declaration could prove to be a moment of real hubris.

Firstly, the admission that their feed’s purpose was solely about stopping Corbyn from reaching 10 Downing Street was a rather blatant giveaway that Collier et al are not really interested in combating anti-Semitism.

But secondly, the other sentence was startlingly idiotic. The underlying reason it was posted was probably a hope that it would scare and daunt Labour leftists into thinking that more rough times lie ahead, and so they may as well not bother campaigning whenever the next General Election is announced. (Yeah okay, Collier, good luck with that, if you think the Labour left are that soft!) But what the tweet does in effect is indicate that the GnasherJew team are openly planning to commit a crime, as one Twitter user highlighted by reply.

GnasherJew proclaim their own criminality

The team running the pro-Israel smear account, GnasherJew, are quite openly declaring their own criminal intent.

Under the Representation of the People Act of 1983, any knowingly untrue attempt to smear a candidate during an election campaign is explicitly criminal. Now, GnasherJew’s boasted ‘big stories’ may not exclusively involve actual candidates, but the reference to ‘big’ clearly indicates most of them will. (If not, the stories really are not ‘big’ enough to bother with, and the tweet becomes empty trash-talk.)

And the key issue is that, whether the stories are genuine or not, GnasherJew is either committing a crime, or about to commit one when a General Election is called.

For if the stories are true, the alleged anti-Semitic behaviours may well be forbidden by race hate crime laws, and GnasherJew should therefore be reporting them to the appropriate authorities immediately. Failing to report a possible crime can be indicted under the 1967 Criminal Law Act. So if GnasherJew delay reporting them for political reasons, they are liable to prosecution themselves.

And if the stories are false, well, see above.

I did ask last year how flamin’ stupid Zionist fanatics are. Looks like we now have the answer.

David Collier is an idiot

David Collier mistakes his own cynical deceitfulness and toxic hate-mongering for ‘intelligence’.