The US Government now seems resigned to a CoVid-19 disaster

April 7, 2020

by Martin Odoni

The current CoronaVirus pandemic has certainly ended any lingering doubt what an utter monster currently occupies the White House. A lot of people already knew that long before he arrived of course. But Donald Trump’s petty slavery to his own ego is such that he will never admit, even in the midst of the present disaster unfolding in the USA, when his statements are wrong.

I am sure no one needs me to remind them of the long list of mutually-exclusive statements Trump has made over the last couple of months regarding the pandemic. Here is a link to a video summary of them though, if anyone wishes to refresh their memories. Trump’s inability to hold up his hand and admit his inconsistency is maddening and infantile, but is not greatly harmful in itself.

What is looking increasingly terrifying is his eagerness to endorse a new drug that shows possible signs that it might help alleviate some symptoms of the CoVid-19 fever. The drug in question – and I happily admit I am unsure how this is pronounced – is called Chloroquine Phosphate, a variant of which is called Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate.

Trump pushes a new drug to treat CoVid-19

Despite widescale attempts by medical scientists to correct Trump’s promotion of this drug, the US President continues to push it like he is a street-corner heroin-peddler. He insists that it has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The first problem with Trump’s endorsement is that the drug is not meant to be used on Coronaviruses at all. It was instead developed as a treatment for Malaria and Lupus. There are some very, very early-stage indicators that it might – just might – have a beneficial effect in fighting CoVid-19. But there are other indicators that it will be ineffective against the virus. We are probably years of clinical trials away from either conclusion being confirmed beyond reasonable doubt.

The second problem is that when Trump claims that the FDA has approved Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate as a treatment, he is only telling a quarter-truth at best. The FDA has only approved use of the drug in very specific circumstances, none of which include treating CoVid-19, and all of which must employ only the most extreme caution, due to the drug’s extremely powerful side-effects. These include such delights as nausea, vomiting, hair-loss, violent headaches, burning skin-rashes, wild mood swings, and suicide ideation. One man and his wife in Arizona are understood to have followed Trump’s advice a couple of weeks ago, and tried the drug.

According to attendees, the gentleman’s funeral was a very moving occasion, while the hospital bed to which his wife remains confined is very comfortable.

Trump SHOULD NOT push this drug

Does Trump feel any shame over his ignorant advice leading to an innocent man’s death? Has he even noticed? It seems unlikely, as he cannot  accept his own lamentable dearth of knowledge, even though he is too lazy to research anything.

Even Trump’s own adviser on infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, finds himself having to contradict him publicly to correct the picture. I feel for Fauci, as he has to find a way of explaining that the President is wrong while making it sound like he is in full agreement; anything less and that confounded narcissistic egotism of the President will kick in big time, and Fauci will be gotten rid of.

Why Trump is so fixated on this particular drug is unclear, but it is hard not to suspect the influence of corruption in the US Pharmaceuticals Industry. Someone high up wants to sell as much of this drug as possible before the FDA have it withdrawn.

At a time when Trump should be pulling out all the stops to supply hospitals with fresh supplies of ventilators, and personal protective equipment for medical workers, instead he just sees the entire crisis as a sales opportunity. At any time, this is grossly improper for a President. During an epidemic, he should frankly be put in front of a firing squad for it.

That the unfolding disaster in the USA, especially New York State, loudly rhymes with the shambles on this side of the Atlantic, reflects the similarities between Trump and Boris Johnson. Both of them are manically-gifted at self-promotion, which is a powerful skill in winning elections, but are hopelessly incompetent at just about everything else. All the administrations in the US and UK can really do effectively therefore is Public Relations;  they are fixated on trying to make it look and sound like they are doing a good job combating the pandemic. They are less concerned about really doing  a good job. The catalogue of misleading claims and barefaced lies told by the Tories since the virus landed in the UK has been absolutely astonishing, even by their own effluent-soaked standards. Trump does the same, but in a more crude and basic way. In both administrations, there is no recognition of the fact that it is wrong to tell lies, or that were the position they have adopted the right one, there would be no need to lie. The priority is not saving lives, but saving face.

Hence the Tories talk about getting 30,000 ventilators while only procuring thirty. They ignore ready-and-reliable sources of ventilators that are immediately available, then get in a panic to procure them as the NHS finds itself running short.

Not enough ventilators in the US, not enough in the UK.

Still, chin up, any Americans reading this. Apparently the Pentagon has put in an order for 100,000 fresh body-bags, and they are expected to arrive right on time.

Pentagon procures body-bags

When body-bags are being easily ordered in their hundreds of thousands, you know something truly terrible is about to happen.

Alas, every single one of them will be needed very soon.

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